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I have a deep love and passion for all things hair, especially natural hair care. With over a decade of professional experience, I've dedicated my life to creating beautiful, healthy hair for every client who walks through my door.

I'm Gege

  • Master Stylist @ GlamGorgeous Hair Manchester


  • Natural Hair Expert


  • Safe Hair Extensions & Protective Hairstyle Specialist


  • Natural Hair Care Product Formulator

  • Certified Trichology Practitioner


  • Hair Confidence Advocate, Motivator & Educator

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More About The Afro Curly Hair Coach


Gege Uboma is a highly experienced hair coach and stylist, who has worked with clients of all hair types for over a decade. Her passion for working with Afro curly hair led her to specialize in this field, and she has become an expert in styling, maintaining and caring for natural Afro curly hair.

Gege holds numerous qualifications and certifications in hair styling, including a degree in Cosmetology from a renowned beauty school. She is skilled in a range of techniques, including weaves, braids, twists, crochet, and other protective styles for Afro curly hair.

Gege's experience and expertise have made her a sought-after coach and stylist, and she has worked with a diverse range of clients, from everyday individuals to celebrities and models. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve their hair goals, and her approach is focused on creating personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual.

Gege's passion for her work is evident in everything she does, from her commitment to ongoing education and training, to her dedication to helping clients build confidence and self-esteem through their hair. With her expertise and experience, Gege is a trusted and respected coach and stylist in the Afro curly hair community.


Businesses Trust the Afro Curly Hair Coach To Level Up Their Natural Hair Game with Expertise, Education, and Empowerment.

The Latest Production of Shakespeare King Lear. PERFORMANCE DATES_ Friday 1 April - Saturd

Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester

It has been my joy to work with the Royal Exchange Theatre on over 23 theatre productions over the last 12years 

I have also supported in Afro Curly Hair training since 2019 and I was excited to co-create " Hair, Wigs & Wake-Up". A series of 9 short films about Afro and Curly Hair

Some history

I am absolutely in love with hair. From a young age, I was entranced by my mother's stunning silver-grey patch of hair styled in finger waves, which sparked my lifelong fascination with hair, its care and colour. 

Growing up, my mum had all the hair tools, and I was lucky enough to play with them often, I did get in trouble alot of times. I have a curious mind aihad seen a human hair weft ponytail , the type you clip in. And i just had to know how it was put together so I had to take it down. Wow did I get in trouble. But it was that inquisitive mind which helped me develop my skills as a Afro Curly hairstylist.


During my time at boarding school, I learned to do my own hair and even started braiding my fellow students' hair. In the school holidays, I'd spend hours braiding my friends' hair, watching movies, listening to music and chatting - it was such a fun experience! 

As I got older, I had to start doing my own hair again because I couldn't afford to have it done professionally. I quickly built a small customer base, and I took pride in my work, making sure my braids were always neat and safe for the scalp. My journey as a hairstylist was never planned, but it was driven by my pure passion for hair. 

With a keen eye for detail and striving for perfection, I am now here to share my expertise with you and help you live a better hair life experience through my Afro Curly Hair Courses. My courses and products are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to love your hair and feel confident and beautiful. Invest in yourself and join me on this exciting hair journey! 

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