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Afro Curly Hair Fundamentals

2-day Afro Hair Management & Maintenance Course 

It’s time to learn something new!

Do you have prior knowledge of afro-textured/curly hair, or are you learning this for the first time? 


Open yourself up to new opportunities by understanding versatile hair types. With over a decade of experience styling afro curly hair in its natural or chemically treated state, I'm set to guide you through each step.

This course is for individuals desiring to expand their knowledge & skills to cater to the current demand of clients for proper care of afro hair at a professional level. It's especially for hair professionals who really want to offer well-rounded service to their clients and promote hair inclusivity.

And for those at the start of their career, or professionals aiming to expand their offering, you'll be empowered with the much-needed confidence & top-notch skills to function at your best in the Hairstyling Industry (locally & globally). 


You'd also add afro hairstyling to your repertoire, refresh your skills, touch up on the technical aspects and best practices of working with afro, kinky and curly hair types.

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What Will You Learn

Day 1

Fundamentals of afro-textured & curly hair

  • Why is hair curly?

  • Natural Hair & Mindset

  • Hair Texture & Curl Types

  • Healthy natural hair & scalp

  • Hair diagram  

  • Hydration & moisturization

  • The importance of having a regimen 

  • Daily maintenance 

  • Porosity  

  • Density

  • Hair pH & many more!

Day 2

  • Tools  - What you need 

  • Combing & Detangling

  • Conditioning

  • Cleansing 

  • Finishing Curly & Straight

  • Finishing Braids & Simple Protective Hairstyles  

  • Trims & Haircuts

  • Health & Safety 

  • Aftercare Care & Maintenance  

  • And much more!


Why Choose Us?

➺ Learn in a multicultural, diverse, interactive & inclusive environment

➺ Be taught by an international hair expert with over 13 years of expertise

➺ Receive personalised feedback at the end of your course

➺ Get individual support in an enriching community environment

➺ Industry-standard training by a Professional Facilitator in real-time 

➺ Courses are available for both beginners & experts,

    can be delivered 1-on-1 based on request.

Date: Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th, December 2021

Course Duration: 2 days Intensive Online Coaching

Time: 10am - 4pm (UK Time)

One hour recess time


  1. Demonstration and Hands-on Training

  2. Putting it into Practice (Do-It-Yourself) 

  3. Q & A

  4. Independent Study & Practice

  5. Assessments & Certification

What You Need To Bring:

  1. Phone, Tablet or Laptop 

  2. Stable internet

  3. Afro mannequin head 

  4. Clamp or stand 

  5. Combs 

  6. Brushes 

  7. Hairpins & clips 

  8. Products - moisturizer, shampoo etc 

  9. Scissors 

  10. Hair bands 

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