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Beginners Guide To Braiding 


2-day Beginners Guide To Braiding 

​A course for the braiding novice. If you want to learn a new skill and potentially turn it into something profitable, or you just want to gain more confidence, supporting your family and friends with quick, well-executed and protective braiding patterns, this course is for you.

This is the all-rounder course! You will be immersed in a creative environment that supports and encourages your interests. Gain top tips, techniques and learn about the best ways to apply theory to hair manes in real life.

Image by Eye for Ebony

What Will You Learn

Day 01

Introduction to Braiding,

Preparing Hair for Braiding

Parts And Sectioning

Braiding Safely & Securely

Day 02

Natural Braids - Plaits, Twists, Cornrows No Hair Extensions

Braiding for kids



  1. Demonstration and Theory (1h30min)

  2. Putting it into Practise (1h30min)

  3. Questions & Independent Study (1h30min)

Some Of What You Need:

  1. Mannequin Head (Afro / Curly Textured)

  2. Combs

  3. Sectioning clips

  4. Brushes

  5. Products

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2-day Beginners Guide to Braiding Course £279

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