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Unlock the Potential Within

Tighter Curls Are Highly Misunderstood and Not Enough Information About How To Care For Them Specifically but, In Its Individually and All Its Versatile Forms

Changing the way the world sees afro hair

My Story

When I started this journey, over 20 years ago, there were little or no resourses for afro hair stylist. From the heart of Nigeria to the bustling city of Manchester, my journey has been nothing short of a love affair with afro curly hair. As a young girl, I was enchanted by my mother's unique silver-grey patch of hair styled in finger waves. This early fascination blossomed into a lifelong passion, driving me to explore the depths of hair care, styling, and the science behind it.

My inquisitive nature led me to dismantle a human hair weft ponytail just to understand its construction, despite the trouble it got me into. During my boarding school days, I honed my skills by braiding my fellow students' hair, a practice that continued into adulthood when financial constraints nudged me to manage my hair independently. This self-taught journey laid the foundation of my expertise, eventually propelling me to pursue formal education in cosmetology and trichology.

Today, as a an Afro Curly Hair Expert, a Certified Trichology Practitioner, and a Natural Hair Care Product Formulator, I am living my dream of empowering others to embrace the natural beauty of their afro curly hair.

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14+ Years professional experience working with Afro Curly Hair

Safe Hair Care Practices:

A Priority, Not an Option

Fostering Confidence: Embrace Your Natural Self

My Mission

Now, as an Afro Curly Hair Expert, a Certified Trichology Practitioner, and a Natural Hair Care Product Formulator, my dream has materialized into a vibrant reality. My journey from Nigeria to the bustling city of Manchester has been a testament to the love affair I’ve had with afro curly hair.

At The Afro Curly Hair Coach, I don't just offer services; I offer a piece of my heart, my knowledge, and my journey. I am here to empower you to embrace the natural beauty and uniqueness of your afro curly hair. With over 20 years of experience, coupled with a deep scientific understanding and traditional wisdom, I bring a rich, well-rounded perspective to afro curly hair care that is rare and invaluable.

I am not just another hairdresser or afro curly expert. I am a guide, a mentor, and a passionate advocate for the celebration of every curl and coil.


Join me in this journey, and together, let's unlock the true potential and beauty of your natural hair.

My Method

My method is a blend of ancestral wisdom, modern science, and a personalized approach developed over years from expereince and yes failures. I emphasize the importance of understanding the unique characteristics of afro curly hair and adopting safe hair care practices. My approach is holistic, encompassing not just the physical aspects of hair care, but also the emotional and psychological facets of embracing one's natural beauty.

I offer a range of courses, products, and resources, all designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to manage afro curly hair effectively. Through interactive courses, hands-on training, and community support, I aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that empowers individuals to celebrate their natural hair and achieve their hair goals.

Join me on this exciting journey of discovery, empowerment, and celebration of afro curly hair. Together, let's build a community that thrives on knowledge, support, and the shared love for our natural hair heritage.

I'm Gege, your Afro Curly Hair Coach. My journey in the world of hair isn't just about styles and trends; it's about empowering individuals through knowledge, preventing the trauma often caused by improper hair care, and restoring the confidence that everyone deserves to feel about their hair

Meet Gege
The Heart & Soul of The Afro Curly Hair Coach
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