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The Afro Curly Hair Coach
(TACHC)  Academy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on the foundation of inclusivity, education and empowerment. We believe that every individual, regardless of hair texture, deserves to have access to knowledgeable and skilled professionals who understand their unique needs. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the traditional hair industry and afro curly hair, promoting acceptance and representation in both the industry and society.

afro curly hair academy online courses

Our Mission


The first is to teach timeless lessons for afro-textured and curly hair (for stylists and clients alike), to demystify tales of the harshness of the afro curly hair and the extra work it requires. 

Our second mission is to help afro curly hair stylists build sustainable, profitable, and scalable afro curly hair centred-businesses that are inclusive,  help to support and build confidence in the community.

Why TACHC Academy?

The Afro Curly Hair Coach is a valuable resource for individuals with coily hair textures as it addresses the lack of representation and education for this hair type in the beauty industry.


This can be beneficial for individuals with coily hair who may have struggled to find stylists and products that cater to their specific hair type and versatile hair professionals wanting to be more inclusive and grow their knowledge about Afro-Textured Hair types.


Furthermore, the academy also can help individuals to learn about styling and protective hair styles which will empower them to better maintain and care for their hair, that of their loved ones and for professionals, help create a more welcoming atmosphere for all hair types, independent of their hairstyle choices.

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