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Introduction To Natural & Essential Oils - Benefits For Natural Hair

In the midst of the great oil debate, with centuries-old traditions meeting modern hair care discussions, this book was penned to demystify misconceptions, provide scientific clarity, and rekindle a love for natural solutions in afro curly hair care.

I'm Gege, your Afro Curly Hair Coach. My journey in the world of hair isn't just about styles and trends; it's about empowering individuals through knowledge, preventing the trauma often caused by improper hair care, and restoring the confidence that everyone deserves to feel about their hair

Meet Gege: The Heart & Soul of The Afro Curly Hair Coach
Step into a World of Natural Beauty
  • Understand the potential benefits and ways to use oils.

  • Practical tips for everyday hair care

  • Foundations for deeper knowledge in natural hair treatments

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