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The Braiding Fundamentals Course

A step-by-step strategy to braiding securely & confidently without pain & preventing hairloss.

Senegalese Twists

Are you new to braiding? Are you an experienced hair professional wanting to expand your services to include braids, twist and cornrow hairstyles? If you want to learn a new skill and potentially turn it into something profitable, or you just want to gain more confidence, well-executed and protective braiding patterns, this course is for you.


This is the all-rounder course! You will be immersed in a creative environment that supports and encourages your interests. Gain top tips, techniques and learn about the best ways to apply theory to hair manes in real life.

How Amazing Would it be to Have a Waitlist of Clients
Wanting to Work With You?

You can use your passion to create trendy beautiful braids and expand your business

Understand how best to care for hair while in protective hairstyles. Be able to share this with your clients

Braided Hair Cornrows

What Will You Learn

Day 01

  • Introduction to braiding  

  • Important things to know

  • Preparing hair for hair         braiding  

  • Parts and sectioning 

  • Natural hair braids with no hair extensions

Day 02

• Bulk braiding with hair extensions & preparation 

• Braiding with extensions 

• Finishing 

• Braiding for kids 

• Tips to braiding faster & neater. Health & safety 

• Round Up 

Learn how to use braids to create different contemporary hairstyles


➺ You would like to start at the very beginning


➺ There is so much conflicting information everywhere

➺ You wonder about hair preparation, parting, size, weight, which styles for who or when

➺ Your braids come up loose but you want them secure but comfortable

➺ There are so many kinds of braids, how do you learn the different techniques

➺ Understand what braids mean, the history and connect with your clients in a different way

➺ Get clear directions from a passionate braider with over 13years of experience

➺ Become confident about what braids are safe for different hair types and hair with different issues

➺ Execute braids that are comfortable but secure while protecting the integrity of the hair

➺ Know the different braid styles and how to execute them



Detailed Pre-recorded
video lessons

Online intereactive tutorials via zoom

Course   Workbook



Practical Work


Module 1

  • What are braids? 

  • Types of braids 

  • Brief history 

  • Hair braiding across different cultures 

  • Braids as a protective hairstyle 

  • Advantages & disadvantages 

  • When not to braid 

  • Products & Tools 
  • Hair Braiding Accessories 

  • FAQs

Introduction to Braiding ​

Module 2

  • Braiding on different hair types

  • Braids, pain & traction alopecia

  • How to keep edges safe

  • Hair density versus hair extension size 

  • Best Practices 

  • The Braid consultation

Important things to know

Module 3

Preparing Natural Hair for Braiding ​

  • Washing 

  • Conditioning 

  • Products

  • Blow drying and natural stretching methods for natural hair 

  • Haircuts & trims, how they affect braids

Module 4

Parts and Sectioning

  • How to part sections   

  • Different Types Of Sections -Triangle, Square, Semi-circular, Jigsaw.... 

  • Section positioning 

  • How to get neat sections 

  • Sectioning secrets for fuller realistic braiding

This braiding course comprises of 10 information filled modules

Upcoming Training Dates for the Braiding Fundamentals Course

Date: 12th & Wed th, February 2022

Course Duration: 2 days Intensive Online Coaching

Time: 10am - 4pm (UK Time)

One hour recess time

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