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Afro Curly Cuties

Virtual Afro Curly Hair Management & Maintainance Workshop



Struggling to care for your child's afro hair?

Want to understand your child's unique hair texture and how products work?

Join Gege, founder of Afro Curly Hair Coach, on this Special Parents' Course!


A Natural Hair Course teaching you the science of managing Afro hair effectively. You'll learn the basics of caring for your kid's beautiful afro hair.


You & your child will also learn how to create a personalised regime that helps hair flourish!


For Kids from Mixed Races, Different Ethnic Backgrounds & All Hair Types!

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What Will You Learn

On The Day

Afro-textured/Curly hair

  • What is it? What it means to your child as an individual

  • What is internalised childhood trauma and how to avoid it

  • Tools you need

  • Products you need

  • And how to use them to make your life as a parent easier 

  • How to keep curly hair tangle free


Why Choose Us

➺ Learn in a multicultural, diverse and inclusive environment

➺ Be taught by an international hair expert with over 10 years of experience

➺ Receive personalised feedback at the end of your course

➺ You will receive individual support within an enriching group environment

➺ Interactive industry-standard training from a professional and facilitator in real-time. 

➺ Our courses are available for beginners and novice’s, they can also be delivered on a 1-1 basis on request.

Dates: Tuesday 3rd & 4th, August 2021

Length of course: 2-day intensive


  1. Demonstration and Theory

  2. Putting it into Practise 

  3. Questions & Independent Study

What You Need To Bring:

  1. Mannequin Head

  2. Tail Comb

  3. Sectioning clips

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Afro Curly Cuties Virtual Workshop