The Natural (Afro/Curly) Hair Course

Learn The A -Z Of Braiding

Natural Hairstyling and hair care are fundamental to living a comfortable life. It does not need to be hard. This course will cover all aspects of keeping afro texture and curly hair healthy and manageable.

With a little work and practice, you will become an expert as this personalised coaching is designed to help individuals who would like to understand how to work comfortably with curly hair for themselves, parents for their kids and for the aspiring hair natural hair care experts who would like to start a natural hair business, a mobile hairdresser or in a salon. This course includes 1 on 1 virtual lesson with Gege and weekly video recordings to making the learning process easier as you can refer to the videos as you practice.


  • The right way to prepare different hair types for braiding. Achieve the neat results that you always wanted to.

  • Know and prepare extensions for different braiding hairstyles

  • How to achieve comfortable, safe but secure braids each and every time

  • How to turn your knowledge into an additional income stream

Let me teach you:

This coaching course is for:

  • Individuals ready to invest in themselves

  • People that want to gain professional knowledge to strengthen a personal passion

  • Aspiring hair braiders who have the intention of starting a hair braiding business

  • Hair Professionals that want to refresh and retrain in a dedicated area of hair specialism

  • Existing Hair Professionals who would like to expand their service list

This coaching course is not for:

  • Individuals not able to commit a minimum of 3 hours per week + additional practise

  • People that don't have the motivation to actively participate, ask questions and reflect on their developing abilities

  • Individuals not invested in safe hair braiding installation

Take away the Guesswork 

With our 12 step learning system!

This course covers every aspect and type of hair braiding.

With a little effort and some practise, you too can become a pro, as this virtual one to one coaching program is designed to help. This course includes instructional photos, and this makes the learning process easy.



Week 1 Lesson 1: Introduction to braiding


Week 2 Lesson 2: Preparing hair for hair braiding


Week 3 Lesson 3: Parts and sectioning

You Will Learn How To


Week 4 Lesson 4: Natural hair braids with no hair extensions


Week 5 Lesson 5: Bulk braiding with hair extensions & preparation


Week 6 Lesson 6: Braiding with extensions 


Week 7 Lesson 7: Finishing


Week 8 Lesson 8: Braiding for kids


Week 9 Lesson 9: Tips to braiding faster & neater. Health & Safety


Week 10 Lesson 10: Round Up


Week 11 Lesson 11: Braiding Business


Week 12 Lesson 12: Course Review


What People Say

I wanted to reach out when I started seeing results and I started seeing great results

 Thank you so much

Before, Hair Coaching

After, Hair Coaching

Precious  NG

Braid your way to success!

Find your braiding brilliance with the 12-week course - The A-Z of Braiding. Delivered by a Natural Hair Expert with over a decade of Professional Experience.

I understand that afro hair is one of a kind, one that requires a lot of care and love. There is so much conflicting advice out there, and with such a diverse variety of afro-curly hair, I always get asked a lot of questions. Having worked with different types of afro-curly hair, I have several great tips (learnable only from experience) that anyone can tailor to their hair care routines.

Work with a dedicated professional on our 12-week course to braiding success! You will be braid brilliant in no time! A supportive step-by-step learning system, with valuable industry insights, personalised feedback and a recognised industry leader with you every braid on the way. 

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