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Unlock the Potential Within

Transform Your Passion 

This program isn’t just a series of courses; it’s a comprehensive membership that guides you from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, crafted from Gege’s personal experiences and professional insights

Into Mastery with Gege's Personal Journey into the World of Afro-Curly Hair

What Makes This Program Unique?

Expert-Led Curriculum: 

Learn from Gege, who not only shares her professional techniques but also her personal challenges and solutions from years of handling her own Afro-Curly hair.

Comprehensive Learning Path: 

From beginner to advanced levels, this program offers a structured learning path across three detailed courses, culminating in a mastery of Afro-Curly hair care and styling.

Community and Support:

Join an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about embracing and enhancing Afro-Curly hair. Benefit from direct support, live Q&A sessions, and feedback from Gege herself.

  • 1. The Foundations of Afro-Curly Hair Care

    • Duration: 6 Weeks

    • Dive deep into hair typing, structure, and the essentials of daily care.

    • Live demos, eBooks, cheat sheets, and more.

    Build a Strong Foundation (6-Week Beginner's Course):

    Understand the Unique Nature of Afro Curly Hair: Grasp the essential characteristics and needs of different curl types.
    Develop Basic Care and Styling Skills: Learn the fundamentals of nurturing and styling Afro curly hair, empowering you to handle basic routines confidently.

    2. Advanced Afro-Curly Hair Techniques

    • Duration: 12 Weeks

    • Explore advanced styling, protective techniques, and custom care routines.

    • Includes practical assignments for skill enhancement.

    Advance Your Techniques (12-Week Intermediate Course):

    Enhance Your Styling Abilities: Dive deeper into advanced styling methods, allowing you to creatively style and manage more complex hair types.
    Overcome Common Hair Challenges: Equip yourself with the knowledge to tackle typical issues faced by those with Afro curly hair, enhancing your problem-solving skills 

    3. Full Afro-Curly Hair Mastery

    • Duration: 18 Weeks

    • A combination of the first two courses plus additional mastery-level content.

    • Focus on cutting-edge styling, innovative care methods, and professional-level challenges.

    Achieve Comprehensive Expertise (18-Week Mastery Course):

    Combine and Master All Aspects: Integrate basic and advanced concepts for a thorough understanding of Afro curly hair care.
    Develop Professional Level Skills: Prepare to offer expert-level services, enhancing your career prospects or personal hair care mastery.

    • Lesson 1: Hair Typing and Structure
      • Week 1: Exploring the diverse range of afro curly hair types and their distinctive traits
      • Week 2: Delving into the hair structure, understanding the cuticle, cortex, and medulla
      Deliverable: Hair Typing and Structure Reference Guide - a visually appealing guide providing essential information on various hair types and structures.

      Lesson 2: Cleansing, Conditioning, and Detangling

      • Week 3: Mastering the proper techniques for cleansing and conditioning afro curly hair

      • Week 4: Unveiling detangling methods to mitigate breakage and uphold hair health

      Deliverable: Cleansing and Detangling Illustrated Guide - a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions for cleansing, conditioning, and detangling afro curly hair.

      Lesson 3: Moisture, Protein Balance, and Scalp Care

      • Week 5: Developing strategies for achieving the right moisture and protein balance

      • Week 6: Stressing the significance of scalp care along with tips for a healthy scalp regimen

      Deliverable: Hair Care Diary – a structured template for members to monitor their hair care routine, product utilization, and reflections on moisture, protein balance, and scalp health.

    • Lesson 1: Curly Finishing Techniques

      • Week 7: Demonstrating Wash & Gos, Finger Curls, Twist Outs

      • Week 8: Exploring Twists & Braids along with the merits of low-manipulation hairstyles and techniques

      Deliverable: Protective Styles Catalogue – a curated collection of visuals and descriptions illustrating various protective and low-manipulation hairstyles for creative inspiration.

      Lesson 2: Heat Styling and Heat-Free Stretching Methods

      • Week 9: Practicing safe heat styling techniques to reduce damage on afro curly hair

      • Week 10: Introducing Threading, Banding as heat-free stretching methods

      Deliverable: Heat Styling and Heat-Free Best Practices Checklist – a comprehensive checklist of safety guidelines, best practices, and product recommendations for heat styling and stretching afro curly hair.

      Lesson 3: Trimming and Shaping Afro Curly Hair

      • Week 11: Learning methods of trimming and shaping to accentuate natural texture

      • Week 12: Mastering techniques for crafting face-framing styles while preserving hair health

      • Deliverable: Trimming and Shaping Tutorial – an illustrated guide with instructions on how to trim and shape afro curly hair to achieve diverse styles while keeping the hair healthy.

    • Lesson 1: Transitioning to Curly Fundamentals of Straight Hair Cutting: Techniques for achieving precise cuts on straight hair.
      Lesson 2: Hair Cutting: Adapting basic cutting techniques for curly hair types.
      Lesson 3: Advanced Tool Mastery: Skillful use of cutting tools for diverse hair types.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Gege, whose passion and expertise in Afro Curly hair care are unmatched. Benefit from her years of experience as you dive deep into the world of curly hair.

    Comprehensive Curriculum: From the fundamentals of hair typing and structure to advanced styling techniques and client consultation skills, this course covers everything. Each lesson is carefully crafted to enhance your knowledge and hands-on skills.

    Practical and Theoretical Balance: Enjoy a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments. Get ready to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.

    Personalized Learning Experience: Small class sizes mean more one-on-one attention. Gege ensures that your learning is tailored to your pace and style.

    Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded professionals. Share, learn, and grow together in an inspiring and supportive environment.

    • 18 weeks of expert-led training, combining theory with practical application.

    • Weekly 2-hour live, interactive sessions via Zoom, offering hands-on experience and real-time feedback.

    • Access to comprehensive course materials, including video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and practical exercises.

    • Direct mentorship and support from Gege, providing insights from her extensive experience in Afro Curly hair styling.

    • Gain proficiency in using and maintaining essential hairdressing tools.

    • Learn best practices for salon health and safety, with a focus on Afro Curly hair care.

    • Enhance client consultation skills to provide personalized and effective hairdressing services.    

  • A solid foundation in the management of Afro Curly hair, preparing you for working confidently with this hair type under diverse circumstances.

    An engaging and supportive learning environment that fosters skill development and creativity.

    Opportunities to practice and refine your skills through practical exercises and live demonstrations.

    Networking with peers and building connections within the hairstyling community.

    Certification upon completion, affirming your newfound skills in Afro Curly hair.

  • Your Path to Afro Curly Hair Mastery Awaits Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and passion for Afro Curly hair care. Limited spots available – secure your place in this transformative course today!

Each Curl is Individual

Learn about afro textured hair in different forms. Natural, Relaxed, Braids, Dreadlocks, because, it doesnt always come in the form you expect. Be ready and equipt to manage all hair types with genuine understanding and care.

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It combines passion, expertise, and a supportive community. Whether you’re looking to start a career in hairstyling, or simply aiming to master your own hair care routine, Gege’s program is designed to empower you at every step.

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This comprehensive program offers you everything from foundational techniques to advanced styling methods, all through a flexible online format that fits your schedule.

Success Stories

Christy, Nigeria,Natural Hair Educator

When it comes to anything hair, the curly hair coach is your plug.

We are super excited to be amongst the students that trained with her towards  end of  the year 2021 and I make bold to say that it was really worth it.

In the course of the training, we were able to trace our mistakes and started doing things the right way. Read More

Jasmine, Nebraska, USA.
Natural Product Formulator

I can tell that Gege very passionate about the work she does and helping others within the field. I highly recommend her courses for all hair professionals or people who just want to learn to care for and be confident about their natural hair! Thanks Gege! Read More

Stephanie, Australia
Salon Owner

Great course. So worth it. I would recomend this fundamentals of afro hair course for anyone wanting a solid foundation in the understading of these hair types

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