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Grey Round Patterns

Hair Coaching

Get The Best Out Of Your
Afro/Curly Textured Hair with
a Coaching Plan...

Are you confused about where to start?

There's SO much information - Youtube, Instagram, Facebook.

Do you want an easier way to manage your natural hair?

Is your scalp dry or itchy? Changes have occurred all of a sudden.

So many hair products. What works and what doesn't?

What's in your hair products?

Are they safe?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then hair coaching is for you!

Revolutionise your hair care regime and leave our coaching call feeling empowered!


Together, we will help you​

  • Edit & Review Your Hair Products

  • Recommend Appropriate Methods To Keep Your Hair Moisturised

  • Get A Regime That Works With Your Lifestyle

  • Get Healthy Natural Hair

  • Support your scalp to get great hair

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I'm Gege

Natural Hair Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

I understand that afro hair is one of a kind, one that requires a lot of care and love. There is so much conflicting advice out there, and with such a diverse variety of afro-curly hair, I always get asked a lot of questions. Having worked with different types of afro-curly hair, I have several great tips (learnable only from experience) that anyone can tailor to their hair care routines. ​My approach to afro hair problems and dedication to understanding the root cause of afro/curly textured hair conditions has made me the a force to e reconded with in the natural hair community. 


What People Say


I have less frizz and my curls

are more defined


Before, Hair Coaching

After, Hair Coaching

​Sia,  UK

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