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The Afro Curly Hair Coach

Choose your pricing plan

  • Quartz Plan

    Begin Your Curl Revitalization Journey
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Curl Evaluation: In-depth analysis of your curl care habits
    • Product Optimization: Tailored recommendations for curls
    • Curl Planning Consultation: Focused session to craft routine
    • Ongoing Support & Progress Review: We'll schedule a followup
  • Jade Plan

    Enhance Your Curl Mastery
    Valid for 3 months
    • Everything in Quartz+Plus
    • Product Deep Dive: Detailed analysis for product suitability
    • Custom Hair Solutions: Targeted remedies for curl concerns
    • 30mins virtual consulting session - Continuity
    • Routine Optimization: 4-week curl care schedule.
  • Amethyst Plan

    Perfect For curly individuals who want the commitment and support to grow their hair in a year.
    Valid for 6 months
    • An In-depth appraisal of your current hair care routine
    • Product edit
    • Suggest product types to use
    • 15mins initial curl clarity call - History
    • 30mins virtual consulting session - Planning
    • 30mins virtual consulting session - Planning
    • +Plus
    • An In-depth appraisal of your current hair products
    • A personalised hair care solution for any hair problems
    • 30mins virtual consulting session - History
    • How to read product labels for safey /Product edit
    • List of products for your hair type & its characteristics
    • Monthly routine for the year divided into weekly sections
    • The Quartz Plan +Plus
    • Eight weeks of support to get best results for your hair
    • Weekly check ins to ensure you can keeping up with your care
    • Routine for the year divided into quarterly, monthly, weekly
    • Natural for Naturals-Natural Products to use on your curls

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