• Gege


Updated: Feb 23

Let’s talk about ‘Hairfidence’. Hairfidence is Hair and Confidence. It is being comfortable with your hair and wearing it like the crown it is.

Having worked with different people from various ethnic backgrounds over the years, I have seen that a surprising number of people are not comfortable with their natural hair. When I say natural hair, I mean the hair they are born with.

I have seen a guest with lovely, thick wavy hair. I wouldn't mind hair like hers. It was so lovely. Soft and at times frizzy curls, but down to the middle of her back. She was so self conscious. She couldn't relax she wanted a perm as she felt it was too flat at the top. Some other curly wished she had more sleek straight hair (feeling her hair was too frizzy), while the person who has straight hair feels she would do better with "a bit more texture" in her hair as she feels her hair is too flat. A guest with soft curls wishing she had curlier hair, as she feels coily hair is more versatile. Some people think they lack volume - so they might opt for protective hairstyles, hairstyles like weaves, wigs or braids to name a few to essentially hide away their natural 'problem hair'. This is not restricted to just afro hair curly hair but hair from all curl patterns and different ethnic groups. So some might resort to hiding their hair, others choose to go for chemical services that seem easy. These are great when it's a choice you make for the sake of it. Not because you can't deal with your natural God given hair.

It is understandable when people who have hair problems such as Alopecia, trichotillomania and other hair issues may use weaves and wigs as a cover; as a matter of fact, it is necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely okay to use hair extensions and hair colour. It isn’t a bad idea to try out unique hairstyles with hair extensions or weaves because they can serve as a protective hairstyle for your hair from harsh weather and extensions provide an easy and relatively cost- effective way to be really creative with colour! In doing so, you are also maintaining the integrity of your natural coily or curly hair. Please bear in mind that hair extensions are not masks for your crown. Often times, people try to conceal their natural hair underneath hair extensions until they begin to lose their natural hair and more often than not, the damage is irreparable. I have seen people of African origins wish they had Caucasian hair and vice versa.

We fail to realise that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s the same grass with a different texture.

All hair is beautiful. It's not about length or volume. It's about having a healthy head of hair. It's about being alive and well-equipped enough to rock your hair! It's about owning what's yours and letting your personal style come through.