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We have fought long and hard for natural afro hair too be accepted and held to the same standards of beauty as other hair types. Thankfully, we are winning! While the natural hair movement has primarily focused on black women, black men have always been a solid part of the movement, but their contributions are most often overlooked.

This is because men's hair is policed much more disparately than women's hair, and a lot of men keep their hair short and trimmed not because that is the way they like it, but because the world tells them that keeping hair “short and simple” is the only way to be professional and to fit in. Similar to the way women of colour were pressured for the longest time to relax or straighten their hair.

However, more and more men are throwing off the weight of the world's expectations and being authentically themselves. We have witnessed more men with natural hair embrace their length and texture, regardless of what others think.