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The Afro Curly Hair Coach


Whether experimenting with personal style or letting loose and having fun, dyeing afro curly hair is a great way to show the world a more adventurous side to ourselves.

Before proceeding with hair dyeing, it is best to take note of a few things, one of which is the effect of colouring on afro-curly hair.

Things will no longer be the same

Colouring natural hair – if not done properly – comes with several hair issues, such as dryness and a weakened hair structure. In particular, colouring natural hair damages hair texture over time. Thankfully, it does not happen all at once. Hair must be repeatedly exposed to dyes for intense damage to be done.

Also, extensively dyeing hair in one session causes hair damage, and the more different the desired shade is from the natural hair colour (let’s say brown to platinum pink), the more likely the person is to experience a loosened curl pattern and loss of elasticity.

The colour might not take at once

It usually takes a few sessions of colouring natural hair to reach the ideal shade. For example; you won’t get the exact shade of blonde you are looking for the first time you dye the hair.

So, how do you dye natural hair?

It’s always best to leave hair colouring to the hair professionals who are trained to evaluate the condition of the hair first before applying dye.

Professionals understand that it is better to go slow when colouring natural hair instead of rushing the process in a single session. A pro will not push the natural hair to change its colour more than it is supposed to in a one seating.

Tips for minimising the potential damage

  • Use a restorative treatment as a pre-colour treatment. This helps to prime and repair the hair before the colour is applied.

  • A colour-preserving shampoo should be used regularly after the dyeing session to protect the hair. It is best to never use a sulfate-based shampoo, as it dries out hair, fades the colour, and reduces the brilliance. On the other hand, a sulfate-free shampoo offers a lightweight layer of protection that preserves highlights and prevents the colour from bleeding out.

  • Colour-treated hair needs a little extra love, so it is best to regularly deep-condition coloured hair.

  • Avoid hot water to maintain hair colour. Use warm water to wash rather than hot water, and use cold water to rinse out conditioner to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle.

  • Minimize exposure of color-treated hair to the sun; as UV rays can drastically dull the shine of hair colour.

Trendy colour palettes for brown skin

Jet Black

Black goes with every skin tone!

In the same spirit, everyone should sport jet-black hair at least once in their lives. It is an elegant, timeless and universally-flattering colour.

Dirty Blonde

We are just a foot into 2023, and dirty blonde is already proving to be one of the hottest colour trends of the year. A blend of warm-toned lowlights and highlights look beautiful against melanin-rich skin.


This guarantees that the whole room will turn and look every time you enter a room. It’s a major hair transformation and high maintenance, but this iconic colour is worth it.

Red Wine

This is a deep hue that is sweet and subtle at the same time. A great colour for darker-skinned people!

Muted Purple

Walk by and watch people scratch their heads, trying to determine if your hair colour is brown or purple. Muted purple is not so bright, and is a perfect low-maintenance colour. That doesn’t stop it from being all-round gorgeous.

Midnight Blue

Royalty? check! Beauty? check! Midnight blue is as sophisticated and as elegant as hair colours can get, and will frame a dark-skinned face regally.

Hot Pink

There is no subtlety to hot pink, so this hair colour is not for the faint-hearted. But it blends beautifully against all shades of brownness, and is a great choice for light to medium to dark skinned beauties.

Go ahead; turn some heads

We have the liberty of choice when it comes to hair colours, whether that is jet black or mixed colours. So, go ahead; wear your hair any colour you please!

However, don’t forget to do all you can to reduce the risk that comes with hair coloring. Remember, it’s not enough to turn heads; it’s also important to have the healthiest head of hair possible.

So stay stunning and dazzling, but stay healthy.


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