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What We Do

Hair Coaching

Learning to love, nourish and maintain healthy afro hair doesn't have to be stressful! Mismanagement, lack of knowledge and care can leave us and our hair feeling lacklustre. Haircare classes are designed to empower and support you, wherever you are on your journey to full, luscious hair success! 


You will receive:

  • Expert advice

  • Technical skills

  • The knowledge you and your hair need to thrive.

  • Tailored workshops for all stages; from children's hair to a career in styling.

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Watch & Learn

Part of hair empowerment is visualising what healthy hair looks like. The Afro Curly Hair Coach offers members a dedicated learning experience, designed to accommodate viewers of all levels. From beginners to seasoned experts; immerse yourself in our library and pay it forward, by sharing your thoughts with us and empowering our community in the comments section. Learn at your own pace whenever it’s convenient!

  • Take a deep- dive into haircare 101

  • Dip into our library of technical videos

  • Watch and learn about our inspiring approaches to hair care.

  • Learn from the comfort of wherever you are in the world.

  • Tell us what you think and share your knowledge.

Natural Hair Care

Natural Organic Growth Stimulating Hair Care For Afro-textured & Curly Hair Types. 


Our range of products are so hair-friendly you can eat them, (although they probably smell better than they taste!). The ingredients used are of the highest quality​​

  • Free from harmful substances

  • Available in a variety of options

  • Easy to follow guide, helping you match our products with your hair texture

  • Products suitable to assist any type of hair health concerns you may have.


Hairdresser Education

Learning how to safely protect Afro and curly hair types is essential for anyone working with these hair types. "Protective Hairstyling Methods" are a key part of maintaining happy and healthy hair.

Hairdresser education is for professionals that want to upskill or refresh existing knowledge on these hair types.

  • How to prepare hair for styling

  • Dreadlocks & Brazilian Knot

  • Extensions online course

  • System to make your job easier

  • Get seen, get customers