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Updated: Mar 4

Long before we were here, our ancestors took great care of their natural hair. They did not have access to all the scientific information that we now have, but they did very well in terms of personal hygiene, beauty routines, and hair care.

For example, the ancient Assyrians wore their hair in masses of curls and sprinkled gold dust on their heads to enhance their hair colour. For those who did not have naturally curly hair and could afford it, tongs were used to achieve that perfect look.

Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads, wore wigs for special events, and made a red dye from the henna leaves to dye their hair indigo.

So, why not take a walk back in time and check out some of the traditional “old-fashioned” treatments our ancestors used to cultivate beautiful heads of healthy hair? You’d be surprised that you’d find a lot of the ingredients commonly used in your pantry.

Egg shampoo

In ancient times, eggs were used as a hair cleanser. Now that we know the sc