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The Afro Curly Hair Coach


The year 2021 has not been the best of years for most of us. We came through 2020, which was not the best of years as well, hopeful that 2021 would be better. Well, it was better, but only by a little bit.

We are still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and most of us seem to have lost our zest for life, the zing that made life worth living.

But the good news is that we are here. It’s another December and somehow, we made it through. We may not be in the best of shapes but we are here. For this, we are incredibly thankful.

I have found that one of the ways to feel better on the inside is to look good on the outside. When we take the time and the effort to dress well, maintain our health and put ourselves together, our spirits start to lift.

This is why we are sharing tips on how to achieve great looking hair this holiday period. Not only will you look good, you’ll also feel great on the inside. And if there is anything we all need, it is to feel great this Christmas period.

So, here we go:

Don’t neglect proper washing:

Most of us spend the holiday periods with family and we usually end up in the pool. If you will be spending a lot of time in the pool this season, always take a cool shower when you are done. This will ensure that you get rid of any potentially harmful chlorine. One other thing that the cool shower does for you is to close the outer hair cuticle, and this adds gloss to your hair. And don’t forget to wash your hair as you usually do. If you washed your hair twice a week before the holiday period, continue to do the same.

Condition and moisturize your hair:

Most people tend to forget their regular hair care routine during the holiday season because of the high level of activity. We are involved in a lot of family activities or we are out visiting friends all day long. In the frenzy of things, we tend to throw out our regular care routine and end up with dry, unmanageable hair.

I know this season might be a little different than all the previous ones, with a lot of us spending the holidays alone. Whether you are alone or with friends and family, don’t forget to always condition and moisturize your hair as you usually do.

Take some time for extra hair care:

I always advise my clients to take advantage of the holiday period to pamper themselves, their hair included. Take the time to do what you wouldn’t ordinarily do. For example, do something nice for your hair while reading your favourite book by the pool or while relaxing in a hammock.

If there is a special product you’ve always wanted to use and never had the time, this is the perfect time to apply it to your hair and let it do its magic. Use that treatment or mask that you’ve always wanted to. Don’t forget that quality care effectively repairs your hair, nourishes it, and gives it the gloss and moisture it needs.

Make it a date with your hairdresser:

If you are not on lockdown where you live and can go out freely, please make it a day with your hair stylist, please do. Your hairstylist will help you get rid of dying tips and split ends, and help you determine what you need to do to continue to keep your hair healthy.

In conclusion

The long and short of this article is that this is the time to do something nice for yourself. After the stress of this year, put up your feet, count your blessings, and take care of yourself. When you look nice on the outside (your hair included), you start to feel better on the inside too.

Happy holidays.


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