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We have all established the fact that afro curly hair is beautiful in all its glory. Afro Curly hair needs some tender loving care to become as beautiful and healthy as possible

Getting the right tools and gadgets is vital when it comes to handling afro curly hair. It is important to note that while there is an overwhelming abundance of tools made specifically for afro curly hair, not all of them are created equal. Some are a necessity, while some can be added to your hair care routine as desired.

In this article, we’ll list the important hair tools every naturalista needs to achieve the most beautiful, healthiest afro curly hair possible.

Hair Diffuser

A diffuser is a great drying tool. It helps dry hair very gently and without frizzing up the hair. A diffuser is also great for the colder months to achieve a quick wash and go. It helps to dry the hair faster, while cutting down on shrinkage. It also provides volume and defines the curls. The great thing is that diffusers are sold as separate attachments that can fit nearly any device, so there is no need to purchase a whole new dryer to get a diffuser. A separate one can be bought to be attached to any dryer.

Hair Pick

Hair pick helps to create volume with hair. The way to do this is to focus the hair pick on the roots to give curls more volume and better shape. The key thing is to use a hair pick when the hair is completely dry and not when it’s wet! There is a choice between plastic or metal. While plastic ones are gentler on the hair strands, metal ones are sturdier and can pass through the kinkiest of hairs.

Spray bottle

This is a necessity because constant hair moisture is a must for naturalistas. Spray bottles help to refresh and moisturise natural curls; the thing to do is to put some water and conditioner in the spray bottle, shake together and get spritzing. This way, hair becomes softer and easier to style.

Hair clips

When it comes to sectioning hair, hair clips are an essential tool. Dealing with a whole head of natural hair can be tiring, so use clips to section the hair and keep those sections separate, while styling makes it easier to manage afro curly hair. Alligator clips can be used as an alternative.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are great for quickly styling natural hair. If there is no time or energy to do much to the natural hair, a handful of bobby pins will help to create a great hairstyle without too much stress. Bobby pins are also used to hold flyaway hair in place and to accessorise a natural look. Whether it is a roll-tuck-and-pin or an afro hawk, the style options are limitless when using bobby pins.

Wide tooth comb

Wide tooth combs help to detangle hair without causing excessive breakage, as the spaces in the comb allows for getting through hair without ripping out the hair ends. It is usually best to use a wide tooth comb to detangle while still in the shower and while the hair is still conditioned. It is best to use the “slip” of the conditioner to detangle, as the comb usually glides through fairly easily at this point.

Satin bonnet/pillowcase

Yes, we consider a satin bonnet/pillowcase a tool because they ensure that the natural hair is protected. Sleeping on cotton makes natural hair to lose moisture and makes it prone to split ends and breakage. On the other hand, satin (whether as a bonnet or as a pillowcase) helps to retain the moisture in the hair, and helps to minimise unwanted frizz.

Microfiber Towels

We also consider microfiber towels to be hair tools. Let’s face it; anything that promotes the health of afro curly hair is a tool in this respect (excluding products). Just like cotton pillowcases, cotton towels are too harsh for curly hair because they create friction while drying the hair. As a general rule, when afro curly hair experiences friction, the end result is frizz. A microfiber towel does not cause friction, and is thus a better option for drying natural hair than a cotton towel is.

Applicator bottle

An applicator bottle is a must because it makes it easy to moisturise the scalp. This is especially great for people who are a little heavy-handed with the oils. Applicator bottles have narrow tips and allow for the application of oil directly to the scalp. They are also great for heating up oils for hot oil treatments.

Thermal cap

Combining heat with deep conditioning helps afro curly hair to absorb the nourishing ingredients it needs. A thermal cap allows for just that, which is why it is another great tool for natural hair. It is advised to place a thermal cap in the microwave to warm up and then wear it on afro curly hair until the deep conditioning session ends.

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps are a great tool for deep conditioning treatments or hair masks. In the absence of a thermal cap, plastic caps are a great alternative. When a plastic cap is on, the natural body heat helps conditioning ingredients get properly absorbed into the hair follicle, better moisturising afro curly hair.

Edge Groomer

Edge groomers are essential for creating the perfect sleek style. Edge groomers are perfect for baby hairs and giving that beautiful slick look.

Denman Brush

The Denman Brush combs through hair effortlessly and helps to distribute hair products throughout every hair strand. The great thing about Denman Brushes is that their strong nylon bristles provide the necessary level of tension to shape curls. Meanwhile, the rounded cushion part of the brush cuts back on static and frizz. As a result, it is quite easy to form a perfect curl with the right technique.

Hair Steamer

Hair steamers release steam in the form of mists that helps conditioners and moisturisers better penetrate the hair shaft. A steamer significantly boosts wash day activities by replenishing any lost moisture that compromises the health of afro curly hair.

In conclusion

There are so many natural hair tools out there, and this can easily confuse any naturalist hair enthusiast. What we have done is list the tools we find to be very helpful. And the good news is; they don’t have to be purchased all at once!

They can be put on a wish list and purchased one after the other, in order of importance to your specific hair needs.

We guarantee that they will make any naturalista’s hair care routine infinitely easier, and much more rewarding.


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