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With the trend shifting toward cleaner eating and decreasing the toxicity and chemicals in our lives, cosmetic companies are also changing directions and are working to create more natural and organic products. You’ve thus in all likelihood heard the terms organic and natural lately.

If you are someone who cares for your hair and are trying to do the best you can do by it, you are probably curious to find out what these labels really mean. Are organic hair products truly organic? Are natural hair products truly natural? What is the difference? And which should you use for your hair?

I hope to answer your questions in this article.

First, the definitions

Natural hair products: When you find the word natural on any hair product, it means that some of the ingredients are entirely naturally derived, with no included synthetic or chemically modified ingredients.

Organic hair products: Organic hair products are products that do not have any synthetic additives. Furthermore, the base ingredients for the product are created with no genetic engineering.

The difference between the two

Some people erroneously believe the words natural and organic to be interchangeable but they are actually different. Here’s how.

A product bearing a “natural” label means that such a product was produced by nature but this does not mean that it is organic. Such cosmetic products often contain ingredients that are not fully organic.

While natural products can (and usually) contain chemicals, an organic product cannot, as the term organic is defined tightly to mean product ingredients that are grown without artificial or chemicals fertilizers, and without pesticides.

To be labelled organic, a product must have between 95 to 100 per cent of chemical-free ingredients. On the other hand, a natural product only has to have between 50 to 70 per cent chemical free.

So, if you are wondering if natural hair products are just as safe and healthy as organic hair products are, the answer is no, they are not. The fact is that natural does not equate to organic and has absolutely no guarantees.

While natural products are typically presumed to be minimally processed and are expected to have no artificial chemicals, there are actually no regulations or rules that compel manufacturers to keep to this standard.

On the other hand, organic hair products are more heavily regulated and have a better guarantee of containing no toxic synthetic herbicides or pesticides or chemical NPK fertilizers. Organic product manufacturers and processors are also subject to demanding certification inspections by third-party inspectors. This compels such manufacturers to adhere to the laid down specifications.

So, which is best?

Both natural and organic hair products are better and preferable to hair products containing chemicals. Most hair products have a heap of toxic chemicals inside them, and the harsh alkaline components of unnatural and non-organic hair products often destroy the scalp’s protective layers, thus having a negative impact on the health of your scalp.

Meanwhile, quality natural and organic hair products have the power to strengthen the hair and reverse scalp damage. Such hair products can help to replace the hair’s moisture, restore the bonds broken by processing and chemicals, and destroy damage-causing free radicals. They can thus reverse whatever harm’s been done to your scalp so that you have a great platform for healthy hair.

These products are also safer to use, especially if you have sensitive skin or tend to have allergic reactions.

For the above reasons, it is better for you to make the switch from regular hair products to natural or organic products.

Out of the two however (organic and natural), I personally prefer organic hair products to natural hair products.

Why organic over natural?

As I initially explained, organic products are much healthier and safer than natural hair products. An organic product is natural but a natural product is by no means organic. And while a natural product might still have some chemicals in its constitution, organic products do not usually have any chemicals. They are grown without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilisers, and are much better for your hair, and for the earth of course.

And to be doubly sure, organic hair production is much more regulated than natural products, so you are sure of what you are getting, which might not be the case for natural products.

Let me give you a little insight. The term, natural, is not under the regulation of any agency, so a hair product can label itself as "natural" even if only just a single one out of 15 ingredients is indeed natural. On the other hand, a USDA organic seal means that at least 95 per cent of a product's ingredients are organic, or the ingredients are COSMOS and ECOCERT certified.

And let’s not forget that our hair is made of organic material. The best food to feed it is therefore organic.

Make the switch, if you haven’t

Now is the time to make the switch from chemical based hair products to natural or organic hair products. As we learned earlier, a lot of hair cosmetics contain chemicals with negative impacts on your body. Some can cause allergies, change the colour of your skin, and some can even lead to hair loss. A lot of people find that they are able to avoid such problems by switching to natural or organic hair products.

What more, natural and organic hair care products often contain antioxidants, helping the body to rid itself of free radicals.

While artificial hair products often deliver fast results initially, they are actually harsher on the hair, doing consistent and real damage to the hair shaft and follicles. On the other hand, hair products derived from nature begin mild and remain mild, no matter how much or how long you use them.

Consistently using natural and organic hair products ensures that your hair falls out at a slower rate, so your hair has a chance to recover from daily wear and tear, becoming thicker and fuller in the process.

Really, I can’t find a simpler way to put it than this; chemical and unnatural products are unhealthy and bad for you while natural and organic hair products are healthy and good for you. And if you want the best option of them all, why not go for organic? Ditch your old hair routine and embrace something better and healthier.

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