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Winter is not the best thing for natural hair, as it is a perfect storm of less-than-ideal conditions. When out and about, the harsh cold air totally sucks all moisture out of the hair and causes it to tangle. And once inside, the heat from the heater is often very dry, which is also not a great thing for natural hair. This ongoing dryness causes natural hair to frizz and break, also causing split ends. And then there are the hats, sweaters and scarves. While they are made to insulate heat and keep you warm, they also snag on the hair and pull at it, breaking hair strands in the process.

So, what do you do to get through the winter with your natural hair intact and undamaged? We have some tips for you that you can adopt to keep your natural hair healthy throughout the winter months.

So, let’s dive in.

Eat healthy

Don’t forget that your hair needs a healthy dose of vitamins, nutrients, and protein to grow and stay healthy. So, don’t ditch your healthy eating habits for junk at this time.


It is not just important to continue to eat healthy. You must also never forget to hydrate yourself from the inside out. Yes, you may not be as thirsty in the winter as in the summer, but you have to ensure that you drink just as much water. The water you take in hydrates all the cells of your body, including your scalp. So go for it. Think of your hair as a plant that needs to be watered.

Use a thin silk cap

One tip that will stop your hair from getting snagged on knitted scarves and hats is to first use a think silk cap on your hair, so that this forms a layer between your hair and the knitted scarf/hat.

This is the time for protective styles

Winter is not the best of times for wash and go hairstyles because wash and go hairstyles leave your hair exposed to the elements, and the wind and cold/dry hair sucks the moisture out of hair. This is why protective styles are a great choice during the winter months. Protective styles minimise manipulation to your hair. Also, your hair ends and safely tucked out of the way of the brutal air.

Take care of your hair under that protective style

Some naturalistas like protective styles because they want to forget all about their hair for the time the protective style is in. But that should not be. While protective styles help hair to retain more moisture, the hair will eventually dry out. This is why maintenance is still required, even though the level of hair maintenance here will be minimal. So go ahead. Apply a light moisturizer and lightweight oil to your roots every couple days to keep them moisturized.

Watch your products

It is important to watch the hair products you apply to your hair during this period to ensure you are not applying drying ingredients. Many hair products include ingredients that strip moisture and oils from the hair, so make sure to check the ingredient list before you wash, condition, moisturize, or style your hair with that product. Ensure that it doesn’t contain drying ingredients such as sulfates.

Deep condition your hair

It is said that you can never deep condition too much, and we agree. Deep conditioning treatments are what your hair needs during the winter months, as this process penetrates every single strand of your hair with nutrients and moisture. So go ahead and deep condition, preferably with deep conditioners with all natural ingredients.

Use an anti-humectant

You want to ensure that every drop of moisture that you introduce to your hair is sealed in, and the way to do this is to use an anti-humectant. This is a butter or oil that seals moisture into the hair. They are important for natural hair all year round, but perhaps even more so during the winter because they protect your hair from losing moisture in the dry air. So go ahead. Apply an anti-humectant after washing or moisturizing your hair. We particularly love jojoba oil and olive oil.

Get the dead ends

The ends of natural hair are a little more vulnerable in the winter, prone to breakage and split ends. How to avoid this? Make sure to trim your split ends, as this will keep your hair healthy. Don’t forget that winter is the time that split ends begin or get worse.

Heat is not that great an option

Heat is not a good idea during the winter months. The heater in your home/office is already doing enough damage to your natural hair during this time. Why add more heat? So, put away your flat iron for now. If you need to use your blow dryer, keep it on the cool setting.

Be gentle

In fact, be extra gentle with your hair during this period. Don’t forget that natural hair is in reality very fragile and should be treated with gentleness always, with even more caution during the harsh winter months. This means that you shouldn’t comb your hair dry or yank at the roots.

In conclusion

It is the love and care put into your hair that will cause it to thrive. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the happenings in the holiday months that you forget to take care of your hair. Armed with the tips in this article, we are certain that your hair will get the best hair care during the winter season.

Stay beautiful.


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