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For decades, it was thought that afro-curly hair was a problem, and many people, people of colour included, believed this, seeing afro-textured hair as a problem. Thank goodness there has been a healthy shift in our collective thought process.

Many of us have learnt — and are still learning about our afro hair. We are embracing the hair that grows out of our scalps and teaching our children to do the same.

Our hair speaks to our past, present, and future in many, many ways. How we care for our afro-curly hair and that of the kids in our lives allows us (and them) to stand tall and wear their afro-curly hair with grace.

Here is how to handle afro curly hair for that child in your life so that they grow up loving their hair the way they should:

Tell your child their hair is beautiful

Begin this when they are young and do this often. If you nurture their love for their hair from an early age, they will naturally love their afro-curly hair.