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There is no other culture where hair played a huge role in showcasing family status, background, tribe, marital status, spirituality, social status, and even fertility (or lack of it) as it did in ancient African civilisations.

In further context; you could tell what tribe someone was from by merely looking at their hairstyle. Beyond the tribe, you could tell where someone belonged in a village’s social hierarchy through their hairstyles. Members of royal families wore elaborate hairstyles to symbolise their stature.

In some cultures, thick, long and neat hair symbolised that the person was able to bear healthy children. And in some cultures, dried twigs and ashes were spread on dishevelled hair to symbolise that the wearer was mourning.

Ancient Africa was rich with hairstyles and traditions, and some of these cultures have managed to hold on to their rich culture, even till today.

This listicle highlights some of these notable hairstyles that have transitioned into the modern world: