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I have always been fascinated by natural hair. Growing up, I also loved movies and everything showbiz, and would religiously watch red-carpet events and award shows. I didn’t see many back celebrities rocking their natural hair at these events. Most of them either had very processed hair, or weaves.

Over the last decade, things have slowly changed, and I am extremely excited to see hair like mine when I watch these events and shows I love so much. The beautiful thing is that I have also been privileged to work on afro hair for theatre, so it has been double the blessing. You don’t know how excited this makes me!

Things have changed. And they are still changing.

We now have black celebrities who are as proud of their afro curly hair as I am of mine. Public figures who rock their curls effortlessly, on screen, offscreen, on the red carpet, and off the red carpet. It is exciting that black people are owning their own beauty, and redefining what it means to be trendy.

From twist-outs to braided crowns to afros, here are some of these trail-blazing celebs: