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Times are changing, and our standards of beauty are also evolving. There has been a massive natural hair revolution in the last decade. More women of colour have ditched the chemically-processed hair in favour of their natural afro locks.

But beyond women favouring their natural hair above all else, men of colour have also begun to experiment with their looks. The popular hairstyles at the moment are twists, cornrows and locs. They have grown to slowly replace the more traditional slick, short fades.

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing close cropped hair as a man of colour, but gone are the days when men had to wear Afro hair short because it was simply expected of them.

Experimenting with hairstyles is something to be lauded, something to be celebrated simply because it is an expression of personal style. Beauty is not limited by gender.

Below are some male afro hairstyles that we are really digging at the moment:


Dreadlocks are simply divine. While rooted in Rastafarian culture, this hairstyle has now made its way to popular culture. It requires minimal styling but looks so good.