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Perhaps you’ve considered going natural for a while now, but you are not motivated enough to make the final jump and fully commit yourself. If you are teetering towards the decision now more than ever before, I want to share with you why going natural might be a good choice for you and your hair.

Every decision should have a good reason behind it, and I always encourage people to think about decisions and their ramifications before acting, going natural included.

But first, what is going natural?

When you go natural, it simply means that you are restoring the original state of your hair, changing it back from the chemically altered texture to its original unaltered state. The chemicals you applied before now had altered your hair texture by straightening the curls, and you are restoring the natural curls and losing the straightened texture.

So, why go natural?

It helps you to reassert your own standard of beauty: We have all long lived with the Caucasian standards of beauty that long, straight hair was the standard. For most of us, growing up, we wanted to fit in, and the way to do so was to look the way magazines told us to. With the current natural hair movement and our understanding that all kinds of hair are beautiful – straight, curly, kinky, wavy - going natural is a way of reasserting our very own standards of beauty.

You actually get to understand your hair: With processed hair, most of us didn’t really get to know our hair. We were not familiar with the texture and perhaps were not as interested in learning. It all changes with natural hair. Because the natural hair movement is still relatively young and there are often shortages of natural hair stylists in cities, you have to get to really learn your hair.

No more undergrowth: With relaxed hair, you dreaded when the new hair came in because it made it harder to retain the sleek look you wanted. With natural hair, you actually get to welcome new growth because it means your hair is growing.

It is ultimately healthier for you: Science has shown that the harsh chemicals found in most relaxers are not healthy for the human scalp and human body, no matter the beautiful adverts and cute pictures. It’s still harsh chemicals.

Versatility: Contrary to what some people say, natural hair can actually give you versatility. You can wear an afro. You can flat iron. You can do twist outs. You can be a different woman every single week.

It can be a time and money saver: If you are not a product junkie who goes after hair treatment after hair treatment, natural hair can actually help you save money. And time too, if you choose to style your hair by yourself more often that you go to salons. All you need is a styler, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and lots and lots of bobby pins.

You can inspire the next generation: We have the next generation looking up to us, and what better way to be a role model to the next generation of daughters, nieces, and grand-babies that we are proud of who we are, hair and all? Embracing your natural hair allows the next generation to understand that natural hair signifies beauty and grace, and they will learn to love their own hair right from the very beginning.

It is beautiful: All types of natural hair are beautiful. Whether your natural hair is short or long, springy or flowing, wavy or more kinky, your natural hair is beautiful. So, why not flaunt it?

So, will going natural help your hair grow?

There are people who believe that going natural will make your hair grow. So, is this true?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, because your hair becomes stronger, healthier, and tends to break less, eventually resulting in length retention.

And no, because going natural will not magically grow your hair. There is a lot of work to do to grow your natural hair, and if you don’t do the work, you won’t see the growth.

In conclusion

Accepting your natural hair is arguably the most liberating thing you can ever experience. Embrace the awkward transitioning phase, get through the initial dauntingness of it, and you’ll come out on the other side with hair that you’ll grow to love.

Let your hair be natural, healthy, and beautiful. You won’t regret it.


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