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This year's Black History Month has come with a massive global awakening. The theme for this year, "Time For Change; Actions Not Words" explicitly captures one of the core pillars that led to the birth of this movement by the founding fathers.

Decades ago, it wasn't just about educating people on black history. Black history month was a drive for enforcement, and it hinged on actions, not words. The struggle for inclusion, equality, recognition, the establishment of identity, and its acceptance into the mainstream, and an end to discrimination and racism was not surreal. Neither was it easy. It was tough.

Today, much of that struggle has been largely won. It is why we can proudly celebrate black history, our cultural heritage, and the iconic figures that have contributed immensely to our history.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we truly aim to preserve and perpetuate the good deeds already done.

While many of us are getting caught up in the events and activities scheduled for the month, it's easy to forget that most people have not fully understood what Black History Month really is.

Black History Month is celebrated every February in the US. It all began with a man, Carter G. Woodson (Born in Virginia, 1875-1950), known as the "Father of Black History".